FAQs - Reservoirs

How do I remove my reservoir tube to clean and/or adjust it?

To remove the tube from the reservoir (or to take off the bite valve), soak the end of the reservoir with the tube connection in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. This should soften the plastic and make it easier to pull the tube off. You can use the same trick to reattach the tube or bite valve: soak everything in warm water before pushing the parts back together. Once the plastic cools, it will firm up and seal itself more securely.

How do I install the Quicklink™ conversion kit?

If you have an older reservoir (like an Omega or Antidote constructed with a standard exit port), you can install a Quicklink conversion kit to make it compatible with newer reservoir accessories like filters, flow meters, and insulated drinking tubes. Here’s how to attach the Quicklink components to your reservoir:

  • Cut the drinking tube 2"-3" from the base of the reservoir.
  • Moisten the bottom threads of the Quicklink with rubbing alcohol and insert into the smaller tube with force. Do the same thing for the drink tube.
  • Unclick to fill and load reservoir, click in to drink.